• Anatomy of a Clipp Video: What's a Clipp Name?  Where can I add a reminder?  Can I add my own note to a Clipp?  Learn all about the anatomy of your Clipps in this video.

  • Add a Note Video: Did you know you can create a Clipp from scratch?  Learn how in this video.

  • Clipp a Video Video: Instead of an image, you may be able to Clipp a video, and play it on Clipparoo without leaving the page. Learn more in this video.

  • Managing Images Video: Learn about your image options, changing the image, choosing an image from the Clipparoo image collection and more in this video.

  • Reminders Video: Want to remember to read an article tomorrow?  Or to share a Clipp next week?  You can set a date to send yourself a reminder email. Learn how in this video.

  • ReClipping Video: You can reClipp your own Clipps to add a copy to another Clippboard, or even reClipp a friend's Clipp.  Want to know how?  Watch this video.

  • Comments and Likes Video: Learn all about comments on Clipps and Liking Clipps in this video.

  • Archiving Clipps Video: Are you done with your Clipp for now, but you don't want to delete it?  This video will show you have to archive your Clipps.

Please note: Some of these videos refer to "Client Pages" - this is the original name for Brandboards, which have since been upgraded, but the videos are still completely relevant. We are in the process of updating these videos.