• Clippboards and SubClippboards Video: Not only can you create your own Clippboards to organize your Clipps - you can even create subClippboard under them.  Learn all about it in this video.

  • Public Clippboards Video: Do you want to make your Clippboard publicly available, so anyone with a link can see it?  Learn how in this video.

  • Collaboration Video: Share you Clippboards with friends, family and colleagues.  This video will show you how to invite collaborators, and what they can do.

  • Assign a Task to Collaborators Video: You can send an email to any collaborator with a note asking them to read a specific Clipp.  Learn more in this video.

  • Stick to Top/Drag and Drop Video: Organize your Clippboards just how you want them, by sticking a Clipp to the top, or reordering Clipps using drag and drop.  Learn more about these features in this video.

Please note: Some of these videos refer to "Client Pages" - this is the original name for Brandboards, which have since been upgraded, but the videos are still completely relevant. We are in the process of updating these videos.