Any Clipp you add to a Brandboard automatically becomes part of your Clipps library. To add those Clipps to a new Brandboard, click the Clipps Library link in your Admin Tools menu at the top of the new Brandboard. You can then select any existing Brandboard, and all the Clipps on that board will be listed. Click "Add Clipp" under any Clipp you want to add, and when you close the layer, all the links you've clicked will appear in the Brandboard you are editing.

If your Clipps include files, they will be included in the new Clipp you create. (This is only true if the files belong to you. If the file belongs to a collaborator, it will not carry over to the new Clipp.)

Please note: Adding a Clipp to your new Brandboard will make a copy of the original Clipp. Changes you make on one Clipp will not be seen in the other, they are now two separate Clipps.

If you want to reuse Clipps from any of your Clippboards, you can go to that Clippboard, click reClipp and select the Brandboard to which you want to add the Clipp.

These tools allow you to reuse existing content and create new Brandboards in just minutes.

Watch this video on creating a Brandboard using your library content.

Please note: This video will include references to "Client Pages" - this is an old name for Brandboards.