You'll probably add links, headers, emails, images and other content to the Brand & Links Column on the left hand side of your Brandboards, that you want to be able to use on other your Brandboards later. No problem. Just click the Links Library link in the Admin Tools menu at the top of the new Brandboard. You can then select any existing Brandboard, and add links and other content from those Brandboards.  Just check the links you wish to add and click the Add button. When you close the layer, the links, images and more will populate the left Brand & Links Column of the Brandboard you're working on.

Please note: When you add these links and content to a new board you are creating a copy of the link, and changes will need to be made to each link individually.

Watch this video on creating a Brandboard using your library content.

Please note: This video will include references to "Client Pages" - this is an old name for Brandboards.