By default, all Clipparoo Clippboards are private. You can change your settings to make your Clippboards public or private at any time. To do so, click the edit pencil next to your Clippboard name. You'll see a setting called "Scope." Choose Public (or Private), and click the Update clippboard button to save your changes.

Public Clippboards can technically be seen by anyone. However, at this time, Clipparoo does not have any kind of public Clippboard directory or publishing. You can share public Clippboards by sharing the direct link to the Clippboard with others. (Just take the url from your address bar when viewing that Clippboard.)

Please note: Anyone with access to that link can then see your Clippboard, so be careful who you share it with, as they can then share it with anyone.

Public Clippboards can also be made collaborative.