Clippboards can be shared in several ways. 

1. Clippboards can be set to “Public.” This means that the Clippboard owner can share a link to the Clippboard with others so they can view it, as can anyone with access to that link.  Click to select the Clippboard in the Clippboard menu, then copy the url from your address bar to share a link with anyone you choose. Please be aware that anyone who uses that url can see your public Clippboard. 

Set your Clippboard to Public (or Private) by mousing over the Clippboard name in the menu on the left and clicking the edit pencil. All Clippboards are Private by default.

2. Clippboards can be set to “Collaborative” and shared with specific friends and colleagues.  Mouse over the Clippboard name and click the edit pencil, then select Manage Collaboration.  Collaborators can be set to one of two permissions. View Only collaborators can see your Clippboard, and Collaborative collaborators can view the Clippboard and add their own Clipps.

3. Individual Clipps can be shared through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Click the gear in the Clipp header, then select Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

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